How to hold grief in a black body when that very black body is often what causes you grief (A VERY LONG ESSAY. I WROTE TODAY ABOUT LIVING IN A NEW AREA SORRY IN ADVANCE HAHA)

feel free to read or scroll on by- just wanted to put my thoughts…

Like many Christian orgasms, mine was hesitant and dredged in uncertainty.

Well, dredged wasn’t the best term for this. I didn’t batter up my shame and fry it piping hot. The air did feel heavy, though, as I stared at his clock and tried to count milliseconds.

How many times…

My parents are committed to the quest of perfection even though they probably don’t know it. They’d never say that they want their children to be perfect, even though they show us.

2018 Family Photo.

“We love you guys no matter what,” they’d told us growing up, with their thick accents punctuating the…

Lupita Nyong’o. Photo credit:

“‘A How-To Guide to Having Dark Skin and Trying (But Failing) to Love it’ is a research essay written for Dr. Henderson’s ‘Writing 1’ class in Fall of 2014.

This piece delves into the dichotomous sorts of identities that black women (both in America and abroad) are forced to reconcile…

In the digital, I am beautiful.

I am 500 right swipes in 18 days.

I am a question of “is this algorithm working right?” and “oh — it is working right?” and “oh.”

I am a question of, “how can I be swipable and approachable and 691-matches-in-7-months beautiful

when I…

I think about being attractive a lot.

I don’t do so because I am vain (although, don’t get it twisted — I am vain. By popular standards and the Christian Ethic I somewhat affirm, having 693 selfies stored in the ‘Favorites’ album of my iPhone is a little much).


I’m wary of saying words or doing “think piece” if I have nothing to add to the overall discourse but vainglorious intellectualisms. Though self-congratulatory I may be, looking smart and well-read for the internet is not why I’m here.

I want to explain myself. I’ve chosen to get political.



I write when I’m stressed!!!!!

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